What is Rock the Billy?

Rock the Billy is a totally new dance concept, which sets the trend for swing-dance. The combination of Boogie Woogie, Rock’n’Roll, Swing and Jazzabilly makes this art of fitness a unique experience. Rock the Billy is suitable for everyone and makes a lot of fun. The world-best dancers (and female dancers) of the international swing scene show you, how to swing your hips to rousing and modern music.
The effective Group-Dance-Fitness-Workout is a fitness concept of superlatives. You train your whole body without noticing it. No matter whether young or old, active dancer or beginner, rock the Billy is suitable for everyone who really likes to dance and enjoys sport and music.
Become part of the Rock the Billy Community and let yourself be carried away by the joy and fun of dancing.

Boogie Woogie




Become a Rock The Billy Instructor

If sport and dance are your passion, you have the best qualifications to become a rock the Billy Instructor. No matter whether you want to turn your hobby into a career or if you simply want to continue your professional education. Rock the Billy offers you the possibility to transmit your passion and your fire for swing dances and sport to a constantly growing Community.
World’s best swing dancers will teach you the instructor skills. They show you how Rock the Billy works.

Educational program:

  • History of Rock the Billy
  • How to dance Rock the Billy
    • Warm Up
    • Body Workout
    • Info, Swing Warm up, ChoreoSwing
    • Info, Rock´n´Roll Warm up, Choreo
    • Info, Boogie Woogie Warm up, Choreo
    • Info, Jazzabilly Warm up, Choreo
    • Cool Down
  • Rights and obligations Rock the Billy

If you successfully master this day then you are part of a future-oriented group-dance fitness concept. You complete the day with a certificate and officially call yourself Rock the Billy Instructor – take the chance and be part of something big.


Amazing Weekend 9. October 2018

Amazing Weekend

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Onlineshop 18. June 2018


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This were our start events 18. June 2018

This were our start events

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