Rock the Billy consists of 4 different dance styles:

Boogie Woogie




Duration and Education

A Rockthebilly lesson lasts about 50-60 minutes (depends on the choice of your songs) and includes following sequences.

  • 5 minutes General Warm up
  • 5 minutes Dancebasic Warm up (especially on the dance direction)
  • 5 minutes repetition of the last choreography
  • 30 minutes learning a choreography (related on the dance direction)
  • 5 minutes general cool down

If you want to hold a course for your clients, it will usually take you 5 weeks to complete the 4 dance lessons plus one combination lesson.

Our Rockthebilly training in detail – what are you going to learn?
  • History of Rockthebilly
  • Who developed this concept – details about our professional dancers
  • Structure and procedure of a Rockthebilly hour

Fitness hour

Afterwards you take part in a ROCKTHEBILLY lesson for the first time – based on the experienced Dance-Fitness lesson we analyze the concept and explain and teach you this until you can teach it by yourself:
  • General warm up
  • Bodyworkout
Swing, Rock´n´Roll, Boogie Woogie, Jazzabilly:
  • Information
  • Basic Warm up
  • Choreography and dance elements
  • General cool down


Of course, we will prepare you for your lessons in the best way, so we also pay close attention to:
  • How to teach
  • How to create your own Choreography

The aim of our training is to prepare you as good as possible, so that you would be able to hold the first lesson and earn money a few days later.
Should you still have questions despite of our detailed explanation, please do not hesitate to contact us at